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Donna Fay Digance
Dreamscapes Studio

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If you would like to order any of my work, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Is your artwork original ?

All artwork is original, unique one of a kind. Intaglio prints may be in limited runs of 10 - 30, but are still unique as they are hand printed. I would also be pleased to give you a quote on your own commissions.

Can I visit your studio ?

If you are visiting Saturna Island, feel free to drop in and visit my studio. Hours are weekends 12 -4 pm, or weekdays by appointment: 1-250-539-5577. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday, we also run
Lyall Harbour Bed & Breakfast.

Do you accept credit card payments ?

I accept credit card payments by telephone. For your own protection, do not email credit card information.

Can I pay without a credit card ?

Yes, contact me by phone or email to arrange an order and payment. Money orders or Canadian cheques are accepted.

What is the shipping and handling charge ?

Additional shipping, insurance, and handling charge is 5% on all orders, with a minimum charge of $20. I cannot ship large framed artwork with glass due to breakage.

What is your refund policy ?

I offer a full refund policy on all artwork which is damaged, or within seven days notification returned in original condition. No refund is available unless the original artwork is returned.

Thank you, Donna-Fay Digance

Tel:  1-250-539-5577

Toll Free: 1-877-473-9343

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Facts Answers And Questions

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